Turbot, when good, should be thick and full, and the belly of a yellowish while or cream color.

Baked Turbot

Wash your fish in several waters, dry it well, and soak it in melted butter, with sweet herbs, parsley, pepper, salt, and nutmeg; in half an hour put the whole into a baking dish, envelope it completely in bread crumbs, and bake it.

Breaded Turbot

Prepare a small turbot as usual, slit it across the back, and soak it for an hour in melted butter, or lemon-juice, with parsley, sweet herbs, salt, and pepper. Cover the fish with bread crumbs, and broil it; when done, squeeze lemon, or Seville orange-juice over it, and serve.

Stuffed And Baked Turbot

Your turbot being properly cleansed, turn over the skin of the under side, without cutting it off; make a farce, with some butter, parsley, scallions, morels, sweet herbs, all shred, and unite 1 together, with yolks of eggs, and seasoned with pepper and salt; spread this all over the under part of the fish, cover it with the skin, and sew it up. Dissolve some butter in a saucepan; add to it when melted, the yolk of an egg, sweet herbs shred, salt, and pepper; rub the fish all over with this, then bread, and bake it.

Grilled Turbot

Split the fish down the back, and soak it for sometime, with melted butter, parsley, sweet herbs, salt, and pepper. Bread the turbot well, broil, and serve it with lemon, or Seville orange-juice.

With White Sauce Turbot

Put a sliced onion, some thyme, basil, and sweet herbs into a stewpan, place a small turbot on these, strew similar herbs, salt, pepper, and a leek, cut in pieces over it; cover the fish with equal quantities of vinegar, and white wine; let it boil over a moderate fire until sufficiently done; in the meantime, melt a pound of butter, add to it a couple of boned anchovies, two spoonfuls of capers, shred small, two or three leeks, salt, pepper, nutmeg, a little vinegar, water, and a sprinkling of flour; make all these quite hot, stirring constantly till done; then dish the turbot, pour the sauce over it, and serve.