How To Boil (1) Turbot

This excellent fish is in season the greatest part of the summer; when good, it is at once firm and tender, and abounds with rich gelatinous nutriment.

Being drawn,.and washed clean, if it be quite fresh, by rubbing it lightly with salt, and keeping it in a cold place, you may in moderate weather preserve it for a couple of days.

An hour or two before you dress it, soak it in spring water with some salt in it, then

! score the skin across the thickest part of the back, to prevent its breaking on the breast, which will happen from the fish swelling, and cracking the skin, if this precaution be not used. Put a Luge handful of salt into a fish-kettle with cold water, lay your fish on a fish-strainer, put it in, and when it is corning to a boil, skim it well; then set the kettle on the side of the fire, to boil as gently as possible for about fifteen or twenty minutes (if it boils fast, the fish will break to pieces); supposing it a middling-sized turbot, and to weigh eight or nine pounds.

Rub a little of the inside red coral spawn of the lobster through a hair sieve, without butter; and when the turbot is dished, sprinkle the spawn over it. Garnish the dish with sprigs of curled parsley, sliced lemon, and finely-scraped horseradish.

If you like to send it to table in full dress, surround it with nicely-fried smelts, gudgeons are often used for this purpose, and may be bought very cheap when smelts are very dear; lay the largest opposite the broadest part of the turbot, so that they may form a well-proportioned fringe for it; or oysters; or cut a sole in strips, crossways, about the size of a smelt; fry them and lay. them round. Send up lobster sauce, two boats of it, if it is for a large party.


The thickest part is the favorite; and the carver of this fish must remember to ask his friends if they are fin-fanciers. It will save a troublesome job to the carver if the cook, when the fish is boiled, cuts the spine bone across the middle.

How To Boil (2) Turbot

Put into the turbot kettle, with the water, two large handfuls of salt, and a tea-cupful of vinegar; when it boils very fast, take off the scum; put in the turbot, and when it boils again keep it boiling fast till the turbot rises from the drainer; when it is sufficiently done, dish and garnish it with a fringe of curled parsley and cut lemon. Sauces; - lobster and melted butter.

Cold boiled turbot eats well with salad sauce.

Turbot is generally considered best per-fectlv fresh; but some people prefer it kept for a few days, hung up by the tail in a cool place.