Baked Pike

Scrape the scales off a large pike, take out the gills, and clean it, without breaking the skin; stuff the fish with a forcemeat made of two handfuls of grated bread, one of finely-minced suet, some chopped parsley, and a little fresh butler, seasoned with pepper, salt, mace, grated lemon-peel and a nutmeg, pounded all together in a mortar, with two whole eggs. Fasten the tail of the pike into its mouth with a skewer, then dip it, first into a well-beaten egg, and then into grated bread, which repeat twice; baste it over with butter, and bake it in an oven.

If two of them are to be served, make one of them of a green color, by mixing a quantity of finely-minced parsley with the grated bead. When the fish is of a fine brown color, cover it with paper until it is done. Serve with a Dutch sauce in a sauce-tureen.

Boiled Pike

Wash clean, and takeout the gills; stuff them with the following forcemeat: equal parts of chopped oysters, grated bread crumbs, beef suet, or butter, two anchovies, a little onion, pepper, salt. nutmeg, minced parsley, sweet marjoram, thyme, and savory; an egg to bind it. Stuff the insides, and sew them up; put them on in boiling salt-and-water, with a glass of vinegar, and let them boil half an hour. Sauces; - oyster, and melted butter. They may also be broiled.