Stew Pigeons (1)

Clean them nicely, truss them as for boiling, put into their in-sidesome pepper and salt; brown in a saucepan three ounces of butter with a table-spoonful of flour, add as much gravy or water as will nearly cover the pigeons, put them in with the livers, gizzards, and pinions, salt, and some minced parsley, spinach may also be added; let them stew for three-quarters of an hour; add, a few minutes before serving, the yolks of four or six hard-boiled eggs.

Stew Pigeons (2)

Wash and clear, six pigeons, cut them into quarters, and put all their giblets with them into a stewpan, a piece of butter, a little water, a bit of lemon-peel, two blades of mace, some chopped parsley, salt, and pepper; cover the pan closely, and stew them till they be tender; thicken the sauce with the yolk of an egg beaten up with three table-spoonfuls of cream and a bit of butter dusted with flour; let them stew ten minutes longer before serving.