Take a saucepan, and put into it five spoonfuls of flour, five eggs, a pint of milk, an ounce of butter and a little salt; set it on the fire, stirring constantly until it has boiled ten minutes, taking great care that it does not burn; then pour it into a basin, and let it cool. Take a few almonds, (to every six sweet put one bitter), bruise them, and some macaroons, and when reduced to powder, mix them with a little crisped orange-Hour (also in powder), and a sufficient quantity of powder-sugar to sweeten it: add these to the above preparation, and stir them in well with a wooden spoon. If your frangipane be too thick, add another egg or two, and then make whatever use of it you may desire. You may, if you think proper, substitute pistachios for the sweet almonds, in which case a little spinach essence must be added to color it, the macaroons and orange-flowers omitted, and three bitter almonds only used.