Fritters (1)

Make them of any of the battel's directed for pancakes, by dropping a small quantity into the pan, or make the plainer sort, and put pared apples sliced and cored in the batter, and fry some of it with each slice. Currants or sliced lemon, as thin as possible, are very nice.

Fritters (2)

Fritters should be sent to table served upon a folded napkin in the dish. Any sort of sweetmeat, or ripe fruit, may be made into fritters.

Engl'sh-And-Freinch Fritters

Take a marrow pudding, and when nearly cold, cut it into thin slices, and then cut them again into pieces two inches long, by three-quarters of an inch wide, dip them into batter, and fry them in the usual manner; when drained, glaze them with fine sugar, and serve them very hot. The batter for the above fritters is made as follows: - Put a glass and a half of water, a grain of salt, and two ounces of fresh butter into a saucepan; when it boils stir in a sufficient quantity of flour to make it a rather firm batter, keep it stirring three minutes, then pour it into another vessel.

Fritters A La Dauphine

Take a pound of brioche paste, and roll it out as thin as possible, to the form of a long square; on part of this lay small quantities of apricot marmalade at intervals, slightly wet the paste round each piece of preserve, and lay over the plain part of the paste so as to cover the other completely, press it down lightly that the marmalade may not escape in the cooking, and cut out your fritters with a circular paste-cutter of two inches in diameter; flour them a little, and then lay them in rather a hot friture, when the paste will swell them into little balls; as soon as they are of a proper color take them out, drain them on a napkin, sprinkle them with fine sugar, and serve them.

Fritters A La Cote

Soak in brandy some leaves and the young and tender shoots of the vine, dip them in a batter made of milk, yolks of eggs, and flour, fry them in boiling oil, sprinkle them with sugar. Elder flowers are made into fritters in the same manner.

Fritters Au Blanc

Mix together a handful of rice-flour and some milk, set them on the fire, stirring constantly, add a little cream, sugar, lemon-peel, and orange-flowers; when it has become of a proper consistence, take it from the fire; as soon as it is cold, roll it into balls about the size of a nut, dip them in batter and fry them.

Fritters Blondin

Put some butter into a saucepan, and when it is melted add to it a glass of milk, and a pinch of salt, keep it on the fire till it boils; then mix in a sufficient quantity of flour to make it into a consistent paste, which will not stick to the fingers; spread it on a table, roll it out to the thickness you may require, cut it in round, oval, or any other formed pieces you may think proper, and fry them of a nice color, in the best oil; sprinkle sugar over, and serve them.

French, Of Brandy Fruits Fritters

Take a dozen apricots (or other fruits) preserved in brandy, drain, and cut them in half: then wrap them in wafers cut round and previously moistened, dip them in the same kind of batter as that used for fritters English-and-French, and fry them; sprinkle them with sugar, and serve.