There are three sorts of herrings, fresh, salted, and dried or red herrings. They are emptied and cleaned like any other fish; when fresh, they are broiled, and served with melted butler, white sauce, etc.

The salted herring should be soaked in cold water before it is cooked; this is also broiled: sometimes, however, it is cut in pieces, and eaten raw.

The red herring is split down the back, the head and tail are cut oft", and the fish broiled like the others.

They may also be dressed as follows: when they have lain in cold water a sufficient time, soak them for two hours in milk, then split them down the back; then have ready some melted butter, in which has been mixed basil and bay-leaf, minced small, the yolks of two eggs, pepper and nutmeg; rub the herrings well with this, bread them; broil them over a gentle fire, and serve with lemon-juice.

The best red herrings are full of roe, are firm and large, and have a yellow east.

Of the fresh herring the scales are bright if good, the eyes are full, and the gills red, the fish also should be stiff".

Herrings, Boiled

Scale, and otherwise prepare the herrings in the usual way; dry them well, and rub them over with a little salt and vinegar; skewer their tails in their mouths, lay them on a fish-plate, and put them into boiling water; in ten or twelve minutes take them out, drain them, lay them on the dish, the heads towards the middle; serve them with melted butter and parsley, and garnish with horseradish.

Herrings, Red

Plain broil them, or pour over some beer made hot, and when it is cold drain and wipe them dry; heat them thoroughly, and rub over a little butter, and sprinkle them with pepper-.

How To Bake Herrings

They must be perfectly fresh, and well cleaned, but not washed; the heads and fins cut off, and the bones cut out; strew over them pepper, salt, and a slice of onion minced very finely, to each; roll them up tight; pack them into a jar, and pour over in the proportion of a pint of vinegar to two of water, with half an ounce of whole black pepper; tie over the jar a piece of bladder or paper, and bake them in an oven for an horn-. Take off the cover when they are cold, and pour over a little cold vinegar, and tie them up.

How To Fry Herrings

Scrape oft the scales; cut off the fins; draw out the gut, keeping in the roes and melts; wipe them in a clean cloth; dredge them with flour, and fry them in boiling dripping; put them before the fire to drain and keep hot. Sauces; - melted butter, and parsley and butter. When herrings are to be broiled, they are prepared in the same manner, and done upon the gridiron. They must not be washed.