Take two pounds of the best lump sugar, clarify and boil it to caramel; but just before it reaches that point, grate the rind of a lemon and put in it; in the meanwhile melt a little butter; skim, and pour it off clear; take a spoonful of this butter, and rub it with your hand over a copperplate or marble slab, on which pour the caramel sugar: then have a sword blade, take an end in each hand, and impress lines in the sugar about an inch apart; then impress similar lines across the first, so as to form small cakes; this operation should be performed as quickly as possible, lest the sugar should cool before the whole is marked; when however all is done, pass the blade carefully between the sugar and the slab, lay it on sheets of white paper, and when perfectly cold, separate the bonbons, and wrap each in paper; keep them in a dry place.