Lemon (1)

Peel four lemons thin; boil them till they are tender; rub them through a hair sieve, and preserve the fine pulp. Take a pound of Naples biscuits, a little grated nutmeg, and two ounces of fresh butter, and pour over them some boiling milk or cream in which a stick of cin- namon has been boiled. When cold, mix with them the pulp of the lemons, and eight eggs well beaten; sweeten according to taste, and if you choose, add brandy. Edge a dish with good puff paste, put in the mixture; garnish the top with strings of paste, as for tartlets, and bake it in a moderately heated oven.

Lemon (2)

Put half a pound of fresh butter with half a pound of loaf sugar, into a saucepan, and keep it stirring over the fire till it boils; put it into an earthen pan, and grate the rind of a large lemon into it, and let it stand till cold; beat eight eggs, and squeeze the juice of the lemon on them; mix the sugar and butter with them; put some rich puff paste at the bottom of a dish, then put in the preparation, and add bits of candied lemon-peel when you have put in the preparation. Bake with great care.

Lemon (3)

Boil in water, in a closely covered saucepan, two large lemons till quite tender; take out the seeds, and pound the lemons to a paste; add a quarter of a pound of pounded loaf sugar, the same of fresh butter beaten to a cream, and the yolks of three well-beaten eggs; mix all together, and bake it in a tin lined with puff paste; take it out, strew over the top grated loaf sugar, and serve it upon a napkin.