Macaroni (1)

Simmer half a pound of macaroni in plenty of water, and a table-spoonful of salt, till it is tender; but take care not to have it too soft; though tender, it should be firm, and the form entirely preserved, and no part beginning to melt (this caution will serve for the preparation of all macaroni). Strain the water from it; beat up five yolks and the whites of two eggs; take half a pint of the best cream, and the breast of a fowl, and some thin slices of ham. Mince the breast of the fowl with the ham; add them with from two to three table-spoonfuls of finely-grated cheese, and season with pepper and salt. Mix all these with the macaroni, and put into a pudding-mould well buttered, and then let it steam in a stewpan of boiling water for about an hour, and serve quite hot, with rich gravy (as in Omelet).

Macaroni (2)

Take an ounce or two of the pipe sort of macaroni, and simmer it in a pint of milk, and a bit of lemon-peel and cinnamon, till tender; put it into a dish, with milk, three eggs, but only one white, some sugar, nutmeg, a spoonful of almond-water, and half a glass of raisin wine; lay a nice paste round the edge of the dish, and put it in the oven to bake. If you choose you may put in a layer of orange-marmalade, or raspberry-jam: in this case you must not put in the almond-water or ratafia.