Plum (1)

One pound of fresh beef suet, finely minced, one pound of raisins stoned, five table-spoonfuls of flour, five of brown sugar, five well-beaten yolks, and three whites of eggs, a tea-spoonful of salt; mix all the ingredients thoroughly, and boil it in a cloth for four or five hours. Serve with grated loaf sugar, and melted butter pouted over it.

Plum (2)

One pound of raisins, stoned and cut in half: one pound of currants, picked, washed, and dried: one pound beef suet chopped fine: a pound of grated bread, or half pound each of grated bread and flour: eight eggs: quarter pound of sugar: salt-spoon of salt: table-spoon of cinnamon and mace mixed: two grated nutmegs: a glass each of wine and brandy: quarter pound of sugar, and a pint of milk. Prepare all the day before, except the eggs, that you may mix them the next morning: it requires six hours boiling. Beat the eggs lightly, then put to them half the milk and beat together. Stir in the flour and bread; then the sugar by degrees; then the suet and fruit; the fruit to be well floured to keep it from sinking. Stir hard. Now add the spice and liquor, and the remainder of the milk. If it is not thick enough, add more bread or flour; but if there be too much bread or flour the pudding will be heavy. Wet the cloth in boiling water, shake it out, and sprinkle it with flour. Lay it in a dish and pour into it the pudding Tie it tight, allowing room to swell. Boil six hours. When you turn it out, stick over the outside blanched almonds in slips or slips of citron, or both. If you add grated lemon-peel to the other ingredients it will much improve the. pudding.

Plum (3)

One pound of the best raisins stoned, half a pound of currants well cleaned, one pound of fresh beef suet finely minced, five table-spoonfuls of grated bread, three of flour, two of brown sugar, one tea-spoonful of pounded ginger, one of cinnamon, and one of salt, six well-beaten eggs, and three wine-glasses of rum, all to be mixed thoroughly together the day before it is to be boiled. Boil it in a cloth or mould for four or five hours. Serve with melted butter, or the following sauce: - Heat two or three table-spoonfuls of sweet cream, and mix it gradually with two well-beaten yolks of eggs; add three table-spoonfuls of white wine, brandy, or rum, and a table-spoonful of sugar; season with grated nutmeg, and stir it over the fire till quite hot; but do not allow it to boil.

Plum (4)

Four ounces of apples finely minced, the same quantity of currants cleaned and dried, and of grated bread, two ounces of raisins, stoned and minced, two of pounded loaf sugar, half a nutmeg grated, a little candied orange or lemon peel, four well-beaten eggs', one ounce and a half of melted butter just warm; mix all the ingredients well together, and boil it in a buttered shape for four hours. If the pudding does not fill the shape, add a slice of the crumb of bread at the bottom. Serve with a sweet sauce.

Plum, Without Eggs Pudding

Haifa pound of grated bread, a quarter of a pound of finely-minced suet, a table-spoonful of flour, half a pound of currants cleaned, rather more than two ounces of brown sugar, a glass of brandy; mix all together with a sufficient quantity of milk to make it into a stiff batter; boil it in a cloth for four hours. It may be baked, adding half a pound of stoned raisins, and a little candied orange and lemon-peel.