Potato Pudding (1)

Boil three large mealy potatoes,mash them very smoothly, with one ounce of butter, and two or three table-spoonfuls of thick cream; add three well-beaten eggs, a little salt, grated nutmeg, and a table-spoonful of brown sugar. Beat all well together, and bake it in a buttered dish, for half an hour in an oven, and three-quarters of an hour in a Dutch oven A few currants may be added to the pudding.

Potato Pudding (2)

Boil half a pint of milk, and the same quantity of cream, with a stick of cinnamon, and the peel of a lemon; strain it, and stir in gradually three table-spoonfuls of potato flour, mix it very smoothly, and add six well-beaten eggs; sweeten with pounded loaf sugar; stick all round a buttered tin mould, dried cherries, or stoned raisins, put in the pudding, and put a bit of buttered linen over the top, and then the cover of the mould; place it in a saucepan of boiling water, boil it for an hour and a half; take care the water does not boil over the mould. Serve with a sweet sauce.

Potato-Flour Pudding

Boil some cinnamon, lemon-peel, and sugar, in a quart of milk; strain, and stir it with three table-spoonfuls of potato Hour previously mixed smooth with a little cold milk; stir it till it be nearly cold; add four well-beaten eggs, a glass of sweet wine, or two table-spoonfuls of spirits, and a little marmalade. Bake it in a Dutch oven.