Baked Almond Pudding

Steep four ounces of crumbs of bread sliced in a pint and half of cream, or grate the bread; then beat half a pound of blanched almonds very fine, till they become a paste, with two tea-spoonfuls of orange-flower water; beat up the yolks of eight eggs, and the whites of four; mix all well together; put in a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar, and stir in three or four ounces of melted butter; put it over the fire, and keep stirring until it is thick; lay a sheet of paper at the bottom of a dish, and pour in the ingredients. To bake half an hour.

Almond Pudding

Blanch and beat a pound of sweet almonds with a littlc rose-water, mix a pound of bread grated, a nutmeg, half a pound of butter, and the yolks of six eggs, boil a pint of cream, colored with a very little saffron, add it to the eggs and a little flour, knead it well, and then put in the almonds, beating it up till all is mixed together. Boil it for half an hour in a buttered cloth.