Sweeten a pint and a half of cream, and boil it with the peel of a small lemon; cut the crumb of a twopenny roll, an put it into the cream, and boil it for eignt minutes, stirring constantly; when thick add a quarter of a pound of fresh butter beaten to a cream, a tea-spoonful of grated nutmeg, and four well-beaten eggs; beat it all well together for some minutes. It may be baked or boiled.

Apricot Pudding

Take six-andthirty nice fine red apricots, cut them in halves, and take out the stones, and roll them in a pan with four ounces of powdered sugar. Prepare your crust, line your mould with it, put in your apricots, and finish the same as in the receipt for Apple Pudding a la Francaise.

Amber Pudding

Put a pound of butter into a saucepan, with three-quarters of a pound of powder-sugar; when melted and well mixed together, add the yolks of fifteen eggs beaten, and as much candied orange beaten to a paste as will give color and flavor to it. Line the dish with paste for turning out, and when filled with the above, lay a crust over, as you would a pie, and bake in a slow oven. It may be eaten hot or cold.

Arrow-Root Pudding

From a quart of new milk take a small tea-cupful, and mix it with two large spoonfuls of arrowroot. Boil the remainder of the milk, and stir it amongst the arrow-root; add, when nearly cold, four well-beaten yolks of eggs, with two ounces of pounded loaf sugar, and the same of fresh butter broken into small bits; season with grated nutmeg. Mix it well together, and bake it in a buttered dish fifteen or twenty minutes.

Aunt Mary's Pudding

Of bloom raisins stoned, currants nicely cleaned, suet finely minced, bread grated, apples minced, and brown sugar, a quarter of a pound of each; four weii-beaten eggs, a tea-spoonful of pounded ginger, half a one of salt, half a nutmeg grated, and one glass of brandy; mix all the ingredients well, and boil it in a cloth for two hours. Serve with a sauce of melted butter, a glass of wine, and some sugar.

Barley Pudding

Take a pound of pearl barley well washed, three quarts of new milk, one quart of cream, and half a pound of double refined sugar, a grated nutmeg, and some salt; mix them well together, then put them into a deep pan, and bake it; then take it out of the oven, and put into it six eggs well beaten, six ounces of beef marrow, and a quarter of a pound of grated bread; mix all well together, then put it into another pan, bake it again, and it will be excellent.

Biscuit Pudding

Pour a pint of boiling milk over three Naples biscuits grated; cover it close; when cold add the yolks of four eggs, two whiles, nutmeg, a little brandy, half a spoonful of flour, and some sugar. Boil it an hour in a basin.

Butter-Milk Pudding

Turn two quarts of new milk with one of butter-milk; drain off the whey, and mix with the curd the grated crumb of a twopenny roll, the grated peel of a lemon, nearly a whole nutmeg grated, half a pint of rich cream, six ounces of clarified butter, and the beaten yolks of nine, and the whites of four eggs; sweeten it well, and bake it with or without a puff paste, for three-quarters of an hour. It may be boiled.