Lobster Patties (1)

Pick the meat and red berries out of a lobster, mince them finely, add grated bread, chopped parsley, and butter; season with grated nutmeg, white pepper, and salt; add a little white stock, cream, and a table-spoonful of white wine, with a few chopped oysters; heat it all together. Line the patty-pans with puff paste; put into each a bit of crumb of bread, about an inch square, wet the edge of the paste, and cover it with another bit; with the paste-cutter mark it all round the rim, and pare oft the paste round the edge of ike patty-pan. When baked, take off the lop, and with a knife take out the bread and a little of the inside paste, put in the prepared lobster, lay on the top paste, and serve them in a napkin. Another way to prepare the paste. - Roll it out nearly half an inch thick, and cut it into rounds with a tin cutter, and, with one or two sizes less, mark it in the middle about half through. When they are baked, carefully cut out the inner top of the paste, and scoop out the inside, so as to make room for the mince, which put in, and place on the top.

Lobster Patties (2)

Prepare the patties as in the last receipt. Take a hen lobster already boiled; pick the meat from the tail and claws, and chop it fine; put it into a stewpan, with a little of the inside spawn pounded in a mortal' till quite smooth, an ounce of fresh butter, half a gill of cream, and half a gill of veal consomme, cayenne pepper, and salt, a tea-spoonful of essence of anchovy, the same of lemon-juice, and a table-spoonful of flour and water: stew it five minutes.