Lobster Pie (1)

Boil the lobsters, and cut the meat of the tail into four bits; take out the meat from the claws and bothes, pound it in a mortar, add the soft part of one lobster, and season with pepper, salt, and nutmeg, add three table-spoonfuls of vinegar; melt half a pound of butter, and mix it with the pounded meat and the crumb of a slice of grated bread. Put puff paste round the edge and side of the dish; put in the tail of the lobster, then a layer of oysters with their liquor, and next the pounded meat; cover it with a puff paste, and bake it till the paste be done. Before serving, pour in some rich gravy, made of a little weak stock in which the lobster shells have been boiled, with an onion, pepper, and salt, and which has been strained and thickened with a bit of butter rolled in flour.

Lobster Pie (2)

Take out, as whole as possible, the meat from the tail and claws of two or three boiled lobsters; cut them into slices, and season them with nutmeg, pepper, and salt. Make a forcemeat of the soft part of the bothes, together with grated bread, some parsley, and one anchovy minced, grated lemon-peel, mace, salt, and pepper, the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs bruised, and a bit of butter; mix it all together with the well-beaten yolk of an egg, and make it up into small balls. Put the lobster into the pie-dish, and cover it with the forcemeat balls, and hard-boiled yolks of eggs; add more than half a pint of rich white slock, a glass of white wine, and a table-spoonful of lemon-juice or vinegar Cover it with puff paste, and bake it only till the paste be done.