Like Venison Mutton Haunch

Take a fat haunch of large fine mutton, let it hang a week, then pound one ounce of black, and one ounce of Jamaica pepper, and rub them over the mutton, pour a bottle of Port wine over it, and let it remain in this five days, basting it frequently every day with the liquor, take it out and hang it up four or five days more, or as long as the weather favors its keeping; wipe it three or fur times a day with a clean cloth. While it is roasting baste it with the liquor it was steeped in, adding a little more Port wine; a quarter of an hour before taking it from the fire, baste it well with butter, and dredge flour over it to froth it up. Serve it with sauces as for venison.

Mutton Haunch

It should be kept as long as you can possibly keep it sweet by the different modes; and if necessary, wash it with warm milk and water, or vinegar, and when going to be dressed, be careful to wash it well, to prevent the outside from having a bad flavor from keeping; before you put the haunch to the fire, fold it in a paste of coarse flour, or strong paper; then set it a good distance from the fire, and allow proportionable time for the paste; do not take it off, till about thirty-five or forty minutes before serving the mutton, and then baste continually; bring the haunch nearer before taking off the paste, and froth it up in the same manner as venison. For gravy, take a pound and a half of loin of mutton, and simmer it in a pint of water till reduced to half, use no seasoning but salt: brown it with a little burnt sugar, and serve it up in the dish; but there should be a good deal of gravy in the meat, for though long at the fire, the covering and distance will prevent its roasting out. Serve with currant-jelly sauce.