Noyau (1)

Peaches and nectarines, in equal quantities, are to be bruised, the stones broken, and the kernels blanched and bruised; they are then to be put into a jar in layers, one of fruit, one of kernels, and one of pounded loaf sugar, and so on until the jar is full; as much white brandy is then to be added as the jar will hold; and when it has stood for five or six months, it is to be filtered and bottled for use.

Noyau (2)

One pound of bitter almonds, blanched, is to be steeped three months in four quarts of large-still proof whisky, or pale brandy, four pounds of loaf sugar are then to be clarified and added to the strained or filtered spirits, together with half a pint of pure honey. It is sometimes colored with a little cochineal; and may also be made, allowing three parts of sweet, and one of bitter almonds.

Noyau (3)

The rinds of three large lemons, half a pound of pounded loaf sugar, one ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and pounded, are to be mixed into a quart of the best Hollands gin, three table-spoonfuls of boiling milk being added. It is to be put into a bottle or jar, and shaken every day for three weeks, and then filtered through chamois leather or blotting paper, when it will be fit for use.