Raspberry Dumplings

Take some good puff paste, roll it out, and spread raspberry jam over it; roll it up, and boil it rather more than an hour; cut it into five slices; pour melted butter into the dish, grate sugar round, and serve.

Raspberry Fritters

Grate two Naples biscuits, or the crumb of a French roll; put to either a pint of boiling cream. When this is cold, add to it the yolks of four eggs, well beaten; beat ail well together with some raspberry juice; drop this in very small quantities, into a pan of boiling lard; stick them with blanched almonds, sliced.

Raspberry Flummery

Mix with half a pint of white wine vinegar one pound of raspberries, or one pound of preserved raspberries, let it boil for three or four minutes, stirring it constanly; strain it through a hair sieve; dissolve one ounce of isinglass in half a pint of water; mix with it three-quarters of a pound of pounded sugar, add it to the strained raspberries stir it all well together; boil, and strain it through a bit of muslin, and put it into a shape. Turn it out when cold.

Raspberry Ice

Press (he juice, from as many raspberrries as will yield a pound and a half; put it into a glazed pan, and leave it for four days. Then carefully raise the skin that has formed on the top of it, pour off the juice into another vessel; clarify a pound and a half of sugar, with a pint and a half of water, add the juice, and give them half a dozen boils; if not sufficiently red, put in a root of orkanet, which leave in till of the proper color; strain the preparation through a sieve; when cold, put it into the saboticre, and freeze it. See Ice.

Raspberry Sponge

Dissolve in a little water three-quarters of an ounce of isinglass, add to it three-quarters of a pint of cream, and the same proportion of new milk, nearly half a pint of raspberry jelly, and the juice of a lemon. Whisk it well one way till it becomes thick, and looks like sponge, then put it into an earthenware mould, and turn it out the next day.

Raspberry Tart

Line your dish with a nice puff paste, lay in sugar and fruit, put bars across, and bake.

Raspberry Tart With Cream

Line a patty-pan with thin puff paste, lay in some raspberries, and strew some very finely sifted sugar over them; cover them with puff paste, and bake it; when done, cut it open, and put in half a pint of cream, in which has been previously beaten the yolks of two or three eggs, and sweetened with a little sugar; when this is added to the tart, return it to the oven five or six minutes.