Baked Or Boiled Rice

Wash in cold water and pick very clean six ounces of rice, put it in a quart stewpan three parts filled with cold water, set it on the fire, and let it boil five minutes; pour away the water, and put in one quart of milk, a roll of lemon-peel, and a bit of cinnamon; let it boil gently till the rice is quite tender; it will take at least one hour and a quarter; be careful to stir it every five minutes; take it off the fire, and stir in an ounce and a half of fresh butter, and beat up three eggs on a plate, a salt-spoonful of nutmeg, two ounces of sugar; put it into the pud ling, and stir it till it is quite smooth; line a pie-dish big enough to hold it with puff paste, notch it round the edge, put in your pudding, and bake it three-quarters of an hour: this will be a nice firm pudding.

If you like it to eat more like custard, add one more egg, and half a pint more milk; it will be better a little thinner when boiled; one hour will boil it. If you like it in little puddings, butter small tea-cups, and either bake or boil them, half an hour will do either: you may vary the pudding by putting in candied lemon or orange peel, minced very fine, or dried cherries, or three ounces of currants, or raisins, or apples minced fine. If the puddings are baked or boiled, serve them with white wine sauce, or butter and sugar.


Boil a quarter of a pound of rice in water till it is soft, then drain it in a sieve, and pound it in a mortar; add five well-beaten yolks of eggs, a quarter of a pound of butter, the same proportion of sugar, a small nutmeg, and half the rind of a lemon grated; work them well together for twenty minutes, and add a pound of cleaned currants; mix it all well and boil it in a pudding cloth for an hour and a half. Serve with wine sauce.

Without Eggs Rice

Weigh six ounces of rice, six of brown sugar, and three and a half of fresh butter; break the butter into small bits; wash the rice in several waters; put all into a pudding-dish, and fill it up with good milk; let it soak some hours. Bake it in a moderate oven for nearly two hours, and as the milk wastes, fill up the dish with more, till the rice be swelled and soft; then let it brown.


Put into a saucepan four ounces of fresh butter, six ounces of pounded loaf sugar, six of marmalade, and six ounces of eggs, well beaten; stir all one way till it be thoroughly warmed; it must not be allowed to boil. Bake it in a dish lined with puff paste.