Sago (1)

Boil five table-spoonfuls of sago, well picked and washed, in a quart of water, also half the peel of a lemon, and a stick of cinnamon; when it is rather thick, add half a pint of white wine, and sweeten it with good brown sugar; beat six yolks and three whites of eggs, pick out the lemon-peel and cinnamon, mix ail well together, and bake it in a dish with or without puff paste.

Sago (2)

Wash half a pound of sago in several waters (warm); then pu it into a saucepan with a pint of good milk, and a little cinnamon; let it boil till thick, stirring frequently; pour it into a pan, and beat up with it half a pound of fresh butter; add to it the yolks of eight, and whites of four eggs, beaten separately, half a glass of white wine, sugar according to taste, and a little flour; mix all together well, and boil it. Serve with sweet sauce.