Broiled Sheep's Tongues

Having parboiled the tongues in a little stock, split each, give them a few turns in some melted bacon, strewing over them salt, pepper, shred parsley, and bread crumbs; when well covered with the latter, lay them on a gridiron, and broil them slowly.

Sheep's Tongues Pie

Line a dish with some good puff paste, and lay at the bottom of the dish some good forcemeat, made of roasted poultry, suet, parsley chopped, mushrooms, pepper and salt, and a few fine spices; upon this place the tongues cut in two, and upon them a good slice of ham, a little butter, and a few slices of bacon; put on the cover and bake it; when done, take out the bacon and ham, skim off all the fat, and pour on it what sauce you please.

Sheep's Tongues Roasted

Take half a dozen sheep's tongues, and having properly prepared them, lard them with small lardons, tie them to a skewer, wrap a buttered paper round, and fasten them on a spit, and roast them before a moderate fire; a little before they are done, take off the paper, baste the tongues with butter, and make them of a nice color. Serve with whatever sauce you may prefer.