Broiled Sheep's Kidneys

Wash and dry some nice kidneys, cut them in half and with a small skewer keep them open in imitation of two shells, season them with salt and pepper, and dip them into a little fresh melted butter. Broil first the side that is cut, and be careful not to let the gravy drop in taking them off the gridiron. Serve them in a hot dish, with finely-chopped pars-ley mixed with melted butter, the juice of a lemon, pepper and salt, putting a little upon each kidney. This is an excellent break-fast for a sportsman.

Sheep's Liver

Cut it into slices; wash it well, and dry it in a cloth; flour and season it with pepper and salt, and fry it in butter, with a good deal of minced parsley and an onion; add a sufficient quantity of gravy or hot water to make a sauce, and let it stew a few minutes. It may be fried quite plain, and when cut into slices, should be washed in milk and water.

Sheep's Mince

Wash the heart and lights very clean; boil them about half an hour; mince them finely; mix a piece of butter with flour, brown it in a stewpan, and add some of the liquor the heart and lights were boiled in. Put in the mince with some chopped onion; season with salt and pepper, cover it closely, and let it stew half an hour. Before serving, add a table-spoonful of mush-oom ketchup.