Shrub (1)

One measure of lemon-juice is allowed to five of rum, and to every gallon of the mixture, six. pounds of loaf sugar, which is to be melted in water, and the whole strained through flannel.

Shrub (2)

To one part of lemon-juice, three of good orange are allowed, and, to every pint of juice, a pound and a half of very finely-pounded loaf sugar; these being well mixed, it is put into a cask, and one quart of the best rum added to each pint of the juice; the whole to be shaken three times a-day for a fortnight, or longer, if the cask be large. It is then allowed to stand to fine for a month, or till it be sufficiently clear to bottle. The dregs may be made into excellent milk punch, by pouring warm, but not boiling, milk on them, allowing three parts of milk to one of dregs; after being well mixed, it is fit for use.

Shrub (3)

Put a quart of Seville orange-juice to a gallon of rum, with three pounds of lump sugar, and a handful of the peel pared extremely thin; let it stand in the cask for three months, then filter it through a cloth, and bottle it.

Shrub (4)

Take a quart of orange-juice, strain it, put to it two pounds of lump sugar, four quarts and one pint of rum; put half the peels of the oranges into the rum, and let it stand one night, then mix the rum with the orange-juice and sugar, put it into a vessel which has a spigot, shake it four or five times daily till the sugar be all dissolved; when it is clear, which may be in about a fortnight, bottle it off for use. If the oranges are very ripe, a pound and a half of sugar is sufficient.

Shrub, Lemon Or Orange

The rind of the lemons or oranges being grated off, they are to be squeezed, and two pounds of finely-pounded loaf sugar is to be added to every pint of the strained juice; when the sugar is quite dissolved, two pints of rum are allowed to every pint of sirup; the whole: is to be well mixed in a cask, and allowed to stand five or six weeks, and then drawn off.

Shrub, White Currant

The currants are to be bruised and put into a bag to drip; three-quarters of a pound of loaf sugar is to be dissolved in two quarts of juice, and a quart of rum being added, it is to be bottled for use.