This is a delicious beverage, composed of cream, mixed with various articles, such as almonds, tea, pistachios, coffee, chocolate, etc, and sugar, and then iced. Sherbet may also be made with the juice of various fruits, sweetened to the taste. When the liquid is sufficiently limpid and cold, pour it into a silver, or tin sorbetiere, and ice it as usual.

Sherbet, Turkish

Wash a small fore quarter of veal, put it on the fire with nine pints of water; skim it well, and let it boil till reduced to two pints; run it through a sieve, and when cold, add to it a pint and a half of clear lemon-juice, and two pounds of loaf sugar which has been made into a sirup with a pint and a half of water, and cleared with the white of an egg. It is served in glass mugs for a dessert table, or offered at any other time as a refreshment.