Stewed Mutton Shoulder (1)

Bone a shoulder of mutton with a sharp knife, and fill the space with the following stuffing: - grated bread, minced suet, parsley, pepper, salt, and nutmeg; bind with the yolks of two eggs well beaten. Sew or fasten it with small skewers; brown it in a frying-pan with a bit of butter. Bre:di. the bone, put it into a saucepan, with some water, an onion, pepper, salt, and a bunch of parsley; let it stew till the strength be extracted; strain, and thicken it with butter rolled in flour; put it, with the mutton, and a glass of Port wine, into the saucepan; co\er it closely, and let it stew gently for two hours. Before serving, add two table-spoonfuls of mushroom ketchup. Garnish with pickles.

Stewed Mutton Shoulder (2)

Bone and flatten a shoulder of mutton, sprinkle over it pepper and salt, roll it up tightly, bind it with tape, and put it into a stew pan that will just hold it. pour over it a well-seasoned gravy made with the bones, cover the pan closely, and let it stew till tender; before serving, take off the tape, thicken the gravy, and garnish with cut pickles.