Stewed Veal Breast (1)

Half roast the veal till of a light brown, then stew it over a stove for two hours, in a rich gravy, with a shallot, three cloves, a blade of mace, a little walnut pickle, some oyster liquor, and a few small mushrooms. Half an hour before serving, add a little anchovy liquor. Garnish with cut lemon and curled parsley.

Stewed Veal Breast (2)

Cut out the blade bone, and stuff the whole with a nice forcemeat; sew it up, half roast it, and make a quart of gravy of the bones and trimmings; season it with whole pepper, two blades of mace, a bit of lemon-peel, a large onion, some salt, and a bunch of parsley. Strain and thicken it with butter rolled in flour; put in the veal, and a table-spoonful of vinegar; let it stew nearly two hours. A lit tie before serving, add a table-spoonful of lemon pickle, and a glass of white wine. Forcemeat balls may be served with it.

Stewed Veal Breast (3)

Cut off the short bones or gristles of a breast of veal; stew them in a little white stock, with a slice of ham, an onion stuck with one or two cloves, some whole pepper, a bunch of parsley, and a little salt. When tender, take out the meat, strain the stock, and put it on with a pint and a half of green peas; boil them, and add the veal, and let them stew for twenty minutes. Serve the gristles in the middle, and the peas round them.

Stewed With Green Peas Veal Breast

Make a quart of graw with the scrag end; strain it; cut the rest of the veal into small pieces of nearly an equal size; put it into a stewpan with the gravy, some pepper, salt, mace, half an ounce of butter, and a quart of green peas. Cover the pan closely, and let it stew nearly two hours; then put in a lettuce cut small, and let it stew half an hour longer. A little before serving, add half an ounce of browned butter, mixed with a little flour.