Having boiled your terrapins for ten minutes, take them out of the water and pull off the outer shell. Then boil them again, till the claws become tender.

Afterwards take them out of the inner shell, and be careful not to break the gall, which must be taken from the liver and thrown away: likewise throw away the spongy part; all the rest being fit to eat.

Cut the terrapins into small pieces, put them into a stew-pan, with a little salt, cayenne pepper, and some butter. After they have stewed a few minutes in the butter, pour in a very small quantity of water, in the proportion of a wine-glass-full to each terrapin.

When they have stewed about ten minutes, add some butter rolled in flour, and a glass of white wine to each terrapin, and let them stew five minutes longer. Then take them from the fire.

Have ready some beaten yolk of egg (allowing one yolk for two terrapins) stir it in, cover the pan tightly, let it set for five or six minutes, then put it into a tureen or deep dish and send it to table.