Trifle (1)

Add to a pint of rich cream a tea-cupful of white wine, sweeten it with pounded loaf sugar, whisk it well, and as the froth rises lay it upon a sieve placed over a deep dish; as it drains, pour the cream into the pan in which it is whisked till all is done; dip some sponge biscuit, ratafia cakes, or Savoy biscuit, into sweet wine and a little brandy; pour over them a rich boiled custard, and when quite cold, lay on the whipt cream, piled as high as possible. Colored comfits may be strewed over the top.

Trifle (2)

Mix three table-spoonfuls of white wine, and one of sugar, with a pint and a half of thick cream; whisk it, and take off as much froth as will heap upon the dish, into which lay some pieces of sponge cake, or some sponge biscuit, soaked with sweet wine, and covered with preserved strawberries, or any other fruit; pile the froth upon this, and pour the remainder of the cream into the bottom of the dish; garnish with flowers.

Trifle (3)

Cover the bottom of the dish with Naples biscuits, and macaroons, broke in halves, wet with brandy and white wine, poured over them; cover them with patches of raspberry jam; fill the dish with a good custard, then whip up a syllabub, drain the froth on a sieve; put it on the custard, and strew comfits over all.