Anniversary Cake

Bake Grandma's Pound Cake mixture in a buttered and floured round pan about seven inches in diameter. Remove from pan, cover with Confectioners' Frosting and decorate as shown in illustration or as one's fancy dictates.

Foliage is best made of citron thinly sliced. The dark-green outside makes attractive leaves, though all may be used to advantage. The little candies for the flowers may sometimes be procured at small shops, though the greatest variety can be bought of a dealer in confectioners' supplies; also the little silver-like dragees, which are so ornamental. The flowers are made on a basis of angelica, cut with a pen-knife into thin shavings, worked with the hands into small balls, then flattened into lozenge shapes, which make a sticky foundation on which the candies may be placed; candied rose leaves and violets may also be used. The cake in the illustration is decorated with daisies and chrysanthemums, golden-rod and forget-me-nots.

Anniversary Cake.

Anniversary Cake. - Page 343.

Anniversary Cake.

Anniversary Cake.-Page 343.

The little disks were made of angelica, shaped in half-spheres, dipped in white of egg, and then in the dragees, and the conventional decorations were cut from thin slices of citron.

Birthday Cake (For Three-Year-Old)

Make a White Mountain Angel Cake. Cover with Confectioners' Frosting (see The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 527) and decorate with citron cut in thin slices and then in shapes, roses made from candied rose leaves, daisies made from small candies, foliage made from citron, dragees and three small candles placed in rose cups (which may be bought of first-class city grocers).

Birthday Cake for a Three Year Old.

Birthday Cake for a Three-Year-Old.-Page 331.

Birthday Cake

Bake Sponge, Angel or Moonshine cake mixture in an angel cake pan. Remove from pan, cover with Confectioners' Frosting and decorate as shown in illustration, following general directions given under Anniversary Cake.