Follow recipe for Wedding Cake I or II (see The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 522). Line a round tin pan twelve inches in diameter with buttered paper, turn in mixture, cover with buttered heavy brown paper (buttered side up) and fasten securely with a string. Steam and bake. Take from pan, remove paper, and let stand until cold. Wrap in cheese-cloth, wrung out of brandy, and store in a cool dry place from one to three months, occasionally sprinkling with brandy. Work one-third pound almond paste with white of one egg until smooth and add one-fourth cup fine granulated sugar. Spread bottom and sides of cake with mixture, put in oven and bake until paste is browned. This prevents frosting from becoming discolored. Cool and spread with a layer of Ornamental Frosting (see p. 353) and let stand until frosting is set.

Ornamented Wedding Cake.

Ornamented Wedding Cake. - Page 344.

Ornament by forcing frosting through a pastry bag and tubes or cones made of paper which comes for this purpose and dragees. The doves shown in illustration are shaped on paper, dried and then placed on cake, being held in place by a small quantity of soft frosting.