Yolks 2 eggs.

1 tablespoon sugar.

cup cream.

1 teaspoon Apricot brandy.

Add sugar to egg yolks and beat until light. Heat cream to boiling point and pour slowly, while beating constantly, on egg yolks. Add brandy and cook, stirring constantly, three minutes. Strain and serve.

Cream Sabayon Sauce II

1 cup milk.

1 cup cream Yolks 2 eggs.

2 tablespoons sugar.

2 tablespoons Sherry wine teaspoon vanilla Few grains salt Whites 2 eggs.

Put milk and cream in saucepan and bring to boiling point. Beat yolks of eggs until thick and add sugar. Pour milk gradually, while beating constantly, on egg mixture and cook in double boiler five minutes. Add wine, vanilla and salt and pour over whites of eggs, beaten until stiff.