1/2 cup boiling water.

1/2 cup sugar.

1/2 cup Sherry wine.

1/2 cup apricot syrup.

1/2 tablespoon lemon juice.

Few grains salt.

1 tablespoons granulated gelatine 1/4 cup cold water 1/3 cup seedless raisins 1/4 cup brandy.

2/3 cup canned apricots, cut in pieces.

Bring water and sugar to boiling point and let boil one minute. Add Sherry wine, apricot syrup, lemon juice, salt and gelatine, soaked in cold water. To raisins add brandy and cook in double boiler until raisins are plump. Add to jelly mixture with apricots cut in small pieces. Turn into a mould, chill thoroughly, remove from mould and serve with or without whipped cream, sweetened and flavored with vanilla.