Wash, pick over and hull berries. Put in a preserving kettle and add an equal measure of sugar. Bring to the boiling point and let boil until fruit juice will jell when a teaspoonful is cooled on a saucer. Fill preserving jars and seal.

Lenox Strawberries

Wash, pick over and hull strawberries. Pour over Lenox mixture, chill thoroughly, arrange in glasses and garnish around edge with whipped cream (sweetened and flavored delicately with vanilla) forced through a pastry bag and tube.

For the Lenox mixture, mix juice of one-half orange, four tablespoons sugar and one-fourth teaspoon orange curacoa, allowing this quantity for each portion.

Lenox Strawberries.

Lenox Strawberries. - Page 394.

Claret Strawberries

Prepare and serve strawberries, same as Lenox Strawberries, using claret in place of Lenox mixture.