New and Enlarged Edition! With Numerous Engravings!!


Price FIFTY CENTS a Copy only; and sent free of Postage to any place in the United States.

Containing one thousand Receipts, Directions. etc, for Agriculture and successful Farming; Health, its preservation; the Culture of Flowers, of Silk, of Sugar-Beets, etc, and the cure and treatment of Birds, of Horses, of Cows, of Poultry, of Bees, etc. The management and growth of the Hair; beauty and preservation of the Teeth; with Instructions for the Ladies in cooking Meats, and making Bread, Cakes, Pies, Preserves, Pickles; for making Ice Creams, and various healthy Drinks, etc, etc. Also. Canals, Rail Roads. Phrenology, and an immense amount of Political, Statistical, Geographical, and General Information, relating to the General Government, and the various States and Territories of the Union; Synopsis of Girard's Will, Washington's Farewell Address, and the Constitution of the United States, entire, with the Amendments, etc.

Read the following Notices of the Press in relation to this Work:

"Experience and patient labor have made it a compilation to be consulted by the house keeper, the merchant, the mechanic, the farmer, and in fact by every class of citizens." - Philadelphia Saturday Courier.

"We know of no one better calculated than the Editor for making a useful book like the present. It is a perfect Vade Mecum." - G'odey's Lady's Book.

"A very valuable little work, containing a great deal of useful information in a very small compass, elegantly stereotyped from fine type." - Saturdiy Evening Post.

* * * * "In fact, the book is a perfect omnium gatherum, containing a great amount of highly useful information, facts, and hints, WHICH EVERY ONE ought to be in possession of." - Public Ledger.

"There is scarcely a subject which comes into notice in the daily wam-s of life, but is here laid down ami familiarlv illustrated. The object of the compiler has been to make his book a COMPLETE VADE MECUM, and in this he has succeeded." - United States Gazette (Hon. J. R. Chandler.)

"This is a capital little volume. It is replete with information gleaned from a THOUSAND SOURCES, and of the most AUTHENTIC CHARACTER. The compiler has embodied more useful information than may be found in any volume of the same size that has ever been issued from the American press. THE PRICE is exceedingly reasonable." - Pennsylvania Inquirer and Daily Courier.

"We have never seen a volume embracing any thing like the same quantity of useful matter. The work is really a treasure, and should speedily find its way into every family." - Saturday Chronicle, (Hon. B. Matthias, President Senate Pennsylvania.)

The New Edition published since the foregoing notices were made, contains double the number of pages, and is beyond all question, the most comprehensive and valuable work of the kind ever published.

Among the new additions are - 1. Catalogue of Useful Things. 2. Commercial Numbers. 3 New Postage Law. 4. Statistics of United States, Navy, Army, Debts of the several States, etc. 5. Each of the State Capitols, Time of holding Elections, Meeting of Legislatures, etc. 6. British Possessions. 7. Consuls of U. States for 1850, and each preceding Census. 8 Select Bible Passages, and Religious sentiments of each President of the United States. 9. The Sabbath Convention Address. 10. Extensive Mint Tables, of Gold and Silver Coins of all Nations. 11. Distances and Directions of Principal Places on the Globe. 12. Weights and Measures. 13. Universal Time Table. 14. Coat of Arms, etc, of thirteen original States. 15. Statistics and Flags of the principal Nations of the East. 16. Chrystal Palace, Maps, Public Edifices, Portraits, etc, Ac, etc.

It also contains a large and entirely new Map of the United States, which is of itself worth the price of the book.

It is published complete in one volume, handsomely bound, with full-page Illustrations and Portraits of all the Presidents of the United States, from Washington uutil the present time, executed in the finest style of the art.

A copy of the work will be sent to any person, to any place in the United States, free of postage, on their remitting 50 cents to the Publisher, in a letter, post-paid, or Two copies will be sent, free of postage, for One Dollar.

Published and for sale by T. B. PETERSON, No. 102 Chestnnt Street, Philadelphia.