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"This novelet, the successive chapters of which our readers have perused with so much interest during the last three months, has been published in book form, in handsome style by T. B. Pcterson,No. 102 Chestnut St. It contains a number of illustrations, do-signed by Stephens, and engraved by Beeler. It is, in our opinion, the best production of its popular author. We have every reason to believe that it has afforded a great deal of pleasure to our readers. It is a tale of frontier adventure, told in a life-like and spirited manner, and not deficient in that golden thread of love which seems necessary to give a glow and brilliancy to the pages of romance. We notice that the 'Ledger' of this city, characterizes it as 'a thrilling story of frontier life, full of incident, and graphically sketched.' While the 'City Item' says, ' it is the best of Mr. Bennett's books, and a beautiful and thrilling production.' " - Saturday Evening Post, April 9,1853.

"This is another of those deeply interesting sketches of the wild and dangerous life of adventurers in the far-off South-Western portions of our country. The cruelties and cunning of savage life are strongly portrayed, and the reader is taught to feel the blessings of civilization and the value of law. It is from the pen of Emerson Bennett." - Baltimore Republican and Argus.

"This is probably the most thrilling tale that has been published for some time. Its characters are wholly American: and those who love to read of Indian warfare, bucca-nier chivalry, love, murders, plots, escapes, and every thing that is good, will find it here." - Boston Warerly Magazine.

"This exciting story is published in a handsome volume, magnificently illustrated." - Dodge's Boston Literary Museum.

"This is a very entertaining American romance, embellished with a variety of magnificent illustrations, from original designs." - New York Sunday Atlas.

"Every western man will at once recognize the truthfulness of his description of wild wood scenery, and a severe critic observes that ' his home-like familiarity with the untaught manners and singular customs of the Indian tribes of the far West - his exquisite delineations of civilized and savage character, etc, all acknowledge his dominion in this field of literature.' It is undoubtedly the best work that Mr. Bennett has yet written." - Louisville Daily Times.

"It is printed on good paper, with numerous illustrations, and is a work of rare interest. It is altogether the best work Mr. Bennett has yet written, and he is one of the most popular of American novelists." - Columbia Spy.

"It is from the pen of Emerson Bennett, Esq., and embellished with illustrations, from original designs by Stephens. It is printed on clear white paper, and in very large type. It is truly a celebrated work. It has been running through the columns of the 'Saturday Evening Post,' where it has been appearing for the last twelve weeks, and has proved itself to be one of the most popular works that has ever appeared in the columns of any newspaper in this country. It is purely an American book." - Daily Express, Petersburg, Va.

"It is a new and great novel, by Emerson Bennett; it has 334 pages, and is handsomely illustrated. The reader will find it remarkably interesting, and the illustrations are very striking." - Pittsburg Daily Dispatch.

"It is one of the most pleasant fictions of the day, and finds a ready appreciation among the many admirers of this gifted American writer. His descriptions of wild western scenes, of the semi-civilized and savage manners of the denizens of the dark and shadowy wilderness, of the rude and untaught borderers, as well as those of more refined habits - give him a claim to rank high in this branch of literature. Clara More-land is beautifully illustrated by original designs." - Pittsburg Token.

"It is a novel of great interest, by Emerson Bennett, embellished with illustrations." - Boston True Flag.

"It is a highly interesting and beautifully illustrated novel." - Com. Journal, Pitts-burg, Pa.

"In Clara Moreland we have an interesting and beautiful American story, by a popular and talented American author. This story was first published in the 'Saturday Post,' of Philadelphia, and the great demand for it as it appeared in successive numbers of that sheet, has induced the publisher to issue it in book form." - Pittsburg Post.

Published and for sale by T. B. PETERSON, No. 102 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

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