By Emerson Bennett, Author Of "Clara Moreland," "Forged Will," "Kate Clarendon," "Bride Of The Wilderness," " Walde-Warren," " Pioneer's Daughter," Etc., Etc.

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"We have perused this work with some attention, and do not hesitate to pronounce it one of the very best productions of the talented author. The scenes are laid in Texas, and the adjoining frontier. There is not a page that does not glow with thrilling and interesting incident, and will well repay the reader for the time occupied in perusing it. The characters are most admirably drawn, and are perfectly natural throughout. We have derived so much gratification from the perusal of this charming novel, that we are anxious to make our readers share it with us; and, at the same time, to recommend it to be read by all persons who are foud of romantic adventures. Air. Bennett is a spirited and vigorous writer, and his works deserve to be generally read; not only because they are well written, but that they are, in most part, taken from events connected with the history of our own country, from which much valuable information is derived, and should, therefore, have a double claim upon our preference, over those works where the incidents are gleaned from the romantic legends of old castles, and foreign climes. The book is printed on fine paper, and is in every way got up in a style highly creditable to the enterprising publisher."

"It is a spirited tale of frontier life, of which 'Clara Moreland' is the sequel and conclusion. Mr. Bennett seems to delight in that field of action and adventure, where Cooper won his laurels; and which is perhaps the most captivating to the general mind of all the walks of fiction. There has been, so far, we think, a steady improvement in his style and stories; and his popularity, as a necessary consequence, has been and is increasing. One great secret of the popularity of these out-door novels, as we may call them, is that there is a freshness and simplicity of the open air and natural world about them - free from the closeness, intensity and artificiality of the gas-lighted world revealed in works that treat of the vices and dissipations of large cities." - Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post.

"This is one of the best productions of Mr. Bennett. The scenes are in and near Texas. Every page glows with thrilling interest, and the characters are well drawn and sustained. An interesting love plot runs through the book, which gives a faithful representation of life in the far South-West. Mr. Peterson has issued Viola in his usual neat style, and it is destined to have a great run." - Clinton Tribune.

"We have received the above work and found time to give it an examination. Tho scenes are laid mostly in Texas, and pictured with all the vividness for which the author is so celebrated. Those who are particularly fond of wild and romantic adventures may safely calculate upon finding 'Viola' suited to their taste. It is well written and handsomely printed." - Daily Journal, Chicago, Ill.

"It is a very interesting book. The scenes of this most exciting and interesting Romance are found in Texas before and during the late Mexican war. It is written with much spirit and pathos, and abounds in stirring incidents and adventures, and has an interesting and romantic love-plot interwoven with it; and is a faithful representation of ' Life in the Far South-West.' The author of ' Viola,' will rank among the most popular of American Novelists, and aided by the great energy and enterprise of his publisher, T. B. Peterson, is fast becoming a general favorite." - Gazette. Rhinebeck, N. Y.

"This thrilling and interesting novel - equal to anything the celebrated author ever wrote - has been issued in a fifty cent volume; and we would advise every one who wants to get the value of his money, to get the book. Bennett's works are the most interesting of any now published." - Western Emporium, Germantown, Ohio.

THIS BEAUTIFUL AND CELEBRATED WORK is published complete in one large volume of near 300 pages, paper cover, price FIFTY CENTS; or the work is handsomely bound in one volume, cloth, gilt, price SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS.

Copies of either edition of the above work will be sent to any person at all, to any part of the United States, free of postage, on their remitting the price of the edition they wish, to the publisher, in a letter, postpaid. Published and for Sale by T. B. PETERSON, No. 103 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.