"Boil them, scour them, season them with salt, pepper, and nutmeg; lay them into a pye with marrow, a raw chicken cut in pieces, bits of lard, and bacon without bone, whole mace, savoury herbs shred, butter, and slices of orange or lemon: having filled your pye, close it up, and when it is baked liquor it with white wine and butter".*

How To Fry Snails

Take shell-snails in the months of January, February, or March; when they are closed up boil them tender, take them out of the shells, cleanse them from the slime, flour them, fry them, dish them; pour over them a sauce made of butter, vinegar, fried onions and parsley, with beaten butter, and juice of orange, or oil, vinegar, and slices of lemon.

How To Make A Hash Of Snails

Boil them, cleanse them and mince them, put them into a pipkin with butter or oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg, who le capers, pistachios, the yolks of hard eggs, and sweet herbs shred, let them stew over the fire for half an hour; lay toasts of fried French bread in the bottom of the dish, and some toasts round the snails in the dish.

Winter Soup Of Snails

Place the snails in boiling water for a few minutes, when they will easily come out of the shell. A little bit of hard matter is to be taken from the head; then stew them for a long time in milk.†