Take the largest oysters, open them, but do not mangle them, wash them in their own liquor, and take away all bits of shells; strew a little flour over them. Dip them in the yolk of an egg, and fry them brown in butter.

How To Fry Oysters Another Way

"Beat four eggs with salt, add a little nutmeg grated, and a spoonful of grated bread, then make it as thick as batter for pancakes, with fine flour; drop in the oysters, and fry them brown in clarified beef suet. They are to lay round any dish of fish".*

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How To Fry Oysters

"Take two quarts of large oysters, parboil them in their own liquor, then wash them in warm water, dry them, beard them, and flour them; then fry them crisp in clarified butter; then lay in the dish prawns or shrimps buttered with cream and sweet butter, and lay the fried oysters about them; run them over with beaten butter, and the juice of oranges; lay bay-leaves and orange or lemon in slices round the oysters".†

How To Fry Oysters

"Open large oysters, and lay them on a sieve to drain; then put them into a marinade of the juice of three or four lemons, and a sliced onion, pepper, a little basil, a bay-leaf, and five or six cloves. Turn the oysters often when they lie in this marinade. Then make a batter with flour and water, and one egg and a little salt. Beat these well together; melt a bit of butter as big as a walnut, and mix it with your batter; then take your oysters out of the marinade, and dry them well between two napkins, dip the oysters in the batter, and fry them in clarified butter made very hot. When they are fried brown, serve them up on a clean napkin, with fried parsley".‡

Fried Oysters - Ostras Asada, Spanish Recipe

"Take the fish out of the shells, and simmer slowly for some minutes in their own liquor. Add salt, pepper, parsley chopped fine, a clove of garlic, some oil or butter, in which fry them gently; stir in a spoonful of flour, and moisten them with equal quantities of broth and wine. When done, add the juice of a lemon"

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Fried Oysters; Another Way

"Beat up two or three eggs in a cup, and rasp bread-crumbs on a plate, with sweet herbs powdered, and lemon-peel. Dry the oysters as much as possible, souse them in the eggy and cover them with crumbs. Fry them in plenty of good butter, and serve with lemon-juice, cayenne, and brown bread and butter, cut thin".*