"Melt some butter, put in a little flour; keep it stirring till brown; wet it with gravy; put in a crust with the oysters and liquor; toss it; season, with pepper, parsley, and fish broth".

A Ragout Of Oysters - Ostras Guisadas, Spanish Recipe

"Put the liquor of the oysters into a saucepan, with strong broth, and warm it, salt to your taste; then add the oysters, and a chopped anchovy or two; let them simmer, but not boil; serve with chicken, or white meat".

"Grilled Oysters - Open and detach the largest oysters; place upon each a small piece of butter, well mixed with finely chopped parsley and spices; place them on the gridiron, and when they begin to boil, serve them on a dish; or else detach the oysters from their shells, and let them simmer in their own liquor; take them out, and let them be placed again over the fire, with a piece of butter, parsley, some pepper, and a little lemon-juice. Put four oysters into each shell (after it has been well cleansed), and place the shell on the gridiron again for a few minutes, taking care not to let them boil up".†

Oysters Broiled The Dutch Way

"Take two quarts of large oysters, open and parboil them in their own liquor; strain them, and then put them into a pipkin, with some mace, butter, and slices of onion; stew them, and after that place the shells on a gridiron, and put two or three oysters into a shell; let them broil or stew in their own liquor, and so setting them on plates, fill them with beaten butter, and serve them up".*

* Maitre Jacques.

† 'La Cuisinčire de la CampAgue'.