"Place the oysters unopened between the bars of a fire, or in a charcoal stove. They require about six or eight minutes time".†

Oysters Roasted

"Take large oysters and spit them upon little long sticks, and tie them to the spit, lay them down to the fire, and when they are dry, baste them with claret wine; put into the pan two anchovies, and two or three bay-leaves; when you think they are sufficiently done, baste them with butter, and dredge them, and take a little of the liquor out of the pan, and some butter, and beat it in a porringer, and pour over them".‡

Oysters Roasted, American Recipe

"Wash the shells perfectly clean, wipe them dry, and lay them on a gridiron, the largest side to the fire; set it over a bright bed of coals; when the shells open wide, and the oyster looks white, they are done; fold a napkin on a large dish or tray, lay the oysters on it in their shells, taking care not to lose the juice; serve hot.

"When oysters (large American ?) are served roasted at supper, there must be a small tub between each two chairs, to receive the shells, and large coarse napkins called oyster napkins. Serve cold butter and rolls, or crackers, with roasted ovsters".*

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