"Put two dozen of large oysters into a stew-pan over a fire, with their liquor only, and boil them five minutes; then strain the liquor into another stew-pan, and add to it a bay-leaf, a little cayenne pepper, salt, a gill and a half of vinegar, half a gill of ketchup, a blade of mace, a few allspice, and a bit of lemon-peel; boil it till three parts reduced, then beard and wash the oysters, put them to the pickle, and boil them together two minutes. When they are to be served up, place the oysters in rows, and strain the liquor over them; garnish the dish with slices of lemon or barberries".*

Glamorganshire Way Of Pickling Oysters

Beard them nicely; then slowly stew them in the liquor from their shells, with a bay-leaf or two, and some whole black pepper; a very small quantity of vinegar is then added, and they are placed in stone jars, corked, and covered with pitch. They are then ready for the London markets.

This oyster pickling may be seen going on in almost every cottage. The oysters when raw sell at 1s. the hundred, and when pickled at about 1s. 9d., or even at 2s.

Soyer's Recipe For Pickling Oysters For The London Markets

""Put the oysters, with their liquor, in an earthen pan on the fire to simmer; take off the scum as it rises; add some whole pepper, sliced ginger (grreen if possible), a few cloves, some chopped chillies, and a little vinegar; simmer not longer than five minutes, and take them out; remove the beards, and put the oysters in a barrel, and when the liquor is cold, strain and add it".

* From an old Cookery Book.

Pickled Oysters, - Ostras En Escabechados, Spanish Recipe

""Make a pickle of the liquor of the oysters, chopped onions, parsley, garlic (this, of course, may be omitted if not liked), bay-leaves, marjoram, salt, pepper, butter into which flour has been rubbed, and a few drops of vinegar; when well thickened by boiling, add the oysters, and stir gently".