"As you open the oysters separate them from the liquor, which strain; parboil them, after taking off the beards; parboil sweetbreads, and cutting them in slices, lay them and the oysters in layers; season very lightly with salt, pepper, and mace; then put half a teacupful of liquor, and the same of veal gravy. Bake in a slow oven; and before you serve put in a teacupful of cream, a little more oyster liquor, ail warmed, but not boiled".§

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An Oyster Pie (Old Recipe)

Parboil a quart of large oysters in their own liquor; mince them small, and pound them in a mortar with pistachio-nuts, marrow, and sweet herbs, an onion, savory, spices, and a little grated bread, lay on butter, and close your pie.

Oyster Pie, Another Way

Take a large dish, butter it, spread a rich paste over the sides, and round the edge; but not at the bottom; the oysters should be fresh, and as large and fine as possible; drain off part of the liquor from the oysters; put them into a pan, season them with pepper, salt, and spice; stir them well with the seasoning; have ready the yolks of eggs, chopped fine, and grated bread; pour the oysters (with as much of their liquor as you please) into the dish that has the paste in it; strew over them the chopped egg and grated bread; roll out the lid of the pie, and put it on, crimping the edge handsomely. Bake the pie in a quick oven.

Oyster And Eel Pie (Old Recipe)

"Make puff paste and lay it in your dish; then take great eels and flay them, clean them, cut them in pieces, and wash them dry. Lay some butter in your pye, and season your eels with some pepper, salt, nutmeg, cloves, and mace; and put them in; cover them all over with great oysters, and add more of your beaten spices and salt, cover the whole with butter, and put in two or three spoonfuls of white wine; so close it with paste, bake it, and serve it in hot".

Oyster And Parsnip Pie

Boil the parsnips tender and cut them in slices, then line your dish with good paste, and lay upon it some pieces of butter, then a layer of parsnips, some spice, pepper, etc, then some oysters, and yolks of hard-boiled eggs, then more butter and spice, etc., then parsnips, then oysters, eggs, etc., until your dish is filled. Put butter on the top of all, and cover it all with paste; bake half an hour, or so, and when it comes out of the oven, pour over it melted butter, and juice of lemon, and serve hot.