"Open the oysters, and save the liquor; wash them in it; then strain it through a sieve, and put a little of it into a tosser, with a bit of butter and flour, white pepper, a scrape of nutmeg, and a little cream, stew them, cut in dice; put them into rolls sold for the purpose".*

* 'Eu quire Within upon Everything'.

An Oyster Loaf

"Cut round holes in the tops of French rolls; take out all the crumb, rub them over the sides with a tender force-meat made of fat oysters, part of an eel, pistachio nuts, mushrooms, spice, and the yolks of two hard eggs; beat these well together in a mortar, with a raw egg; then fry the rolls crisp in lard, and fill them with a quart of oysters; the rest of the eel cut like lard, spice, mushrooms, and anchovies tossed up in their own liquor, and half a pint of white wine; thicken it with eggs, and a bit of butter rolled in flour".†

Oysters And Macaroni

"Lay some stewed macaroni in a deep dish; put upon it a thick layer of oysters, bearded, and seasoned with cayenne pepper and grated lemon-rind. Add a small teacupful of cream. Strew bread-crumbs over the top, and brown it in a pretty quick oven. Serve hot with a piquante sauce".‡