"Scald and beard some dozens of oysters; strain the liquor into a stew-pan, and add thereto two ounces of butter, mixed or kneaded with two ounces of flour, a little cream, anchovy, nutmeg, and cayenne; stir the sauce over the fire to boil, and reduce for ten minutes; then add a couple of yolks of eggs, and a little lemon-juice, and some chopped parsley; add the oysters, cut each in halves; stir all together over the fire for a few minutes, and fill some scallop-shells with this preparation; cover them over with a thick coating of fried bread-crumbs; place them on a baking-sheet in the oven for five minutes, and serve hot".‡ If you have no scallop-shells, the deep shell of the oyster, well scoured, will serve the purpose.

* 'Household Manuals : How to Cook Fish,' by Georgiana Hill. †'All About Oysters.' ‡ Francatelli's ' Cook's Guide'.

Many people, however, who prefer the real taste of the oyster, and do not like to conceal it beneath that of spice, prefer the old-fashioned way of scalloping oysters, which is as follows : -

Old Way Of Scalloping Oysters

"Beard the oysters; scald the beards in the liquor from the fish, then strain them off; lay alternate layers of bread-crumbs, oysters, and small bits of butter in the shells, very slightly peppering them as you proceed. Pour the liquor in which you scalded the beards, over them; put them into the oven till nicely browned, and if you find the colour not bright enough, put them before the fire for a few minutes, or salamander them. A little cream, added after the shells are filled, but before they are put in the oven, is a great improvement".

By lining the dish, and covering the oysters with putf paste, this is converted into an Oyster Pie, which makes an excellent dish.

Scalloped Oysters. Ostras En Concha, Spanish Recipe

"Select the largest shells, and scrub them very clean; put four or six oysters into each, with their liquor, and cover them with bread-crumbs, seasoned with pepper and salt; then place the shells on the gridiron till the fish is cooked".

Oyster Fritters (2997)

"Make a batter of flour, milk, and eggs; season with a very little nutmeg. Beard the oysters, and put as many as you think proper in each fritter".*