Make a poultice of bruised snails. They must be broken up with their shells and put into a piece of linen folded four times so as to make it thick, dip it in brandy, and squeeze it tolerably dry; then apply it to the forehead.

Pliny also recommends a plaster of slugs, cut up and pounded, and applied to the forehead.

M. Figuier remembers, when studying botany in the garden of the School of Medicine, as a youth, at Mont-pellier, seeing the celebrated tenor singer, M. Laborde, every morning partake of live snails, as he was suffering from a weak chest. M. Figuier assisted in finding the snails in the holes in the garden wall, and under leaves, and M. Laborde, crushed the mollusks with a stone, picking off the pieces of broken shells, then, rolling the fish in powdered sugar, swallowed them. The remedy was evidently efficacious, as, twenty years later, M. Laborde still held his position as tenor, and sang at the theatre at Brussels, and also at the opera in Paris *

In the 'Meddygon Myddvai,' published by the Welsh MSS. Society, the following recipes are found : -