(1399). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef - Plain (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf Nature)

Trim carefully a tenderloin of beef, remove all the fat and nerves, then cut it into slices each one weighing five ounces; beat them lightly to have them all of the same thickness, then pare and cut them into round shapes. Salt on both sides, dip them in melted butter or sweet oil, and broil on a moderate, well-sustained fire; they should take six minutes if desired rare, eight minutes to have them properly done, and ten minutes if required well done. When half cooked turn them over and finish on the other side. Dress on a hot dish and pour some clear gravy (No. 404) over.

(1400). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Baillaed (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Baillard)

First cook the minions the same as for the plain (No. 1399); dress them flat on a very hot dish; on each minion lay a piece of foies-gras removing it from the terrine with a spoon. Cover the whole with good Madeira sauce (No. 492) to which has been added truffles cut in fine Julienne and fresh mushrooms.

(1401). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Cheeon (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Cheron)

Prepare and cook the minions as explained in the plain (No. 1399). Cover the bottom of a dish with a bearnaise sauce (No. 433), sprinkle over with some chopped parsley, and lay the minions on top, and on each one set an artichoke bottom slightly smaller than the minion, and previously cooked and sauted in butter. Garnish with a little maccdoine thickened with veloute (No. 415), and fine butter, and season well.

Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Cheeon Mignons  335

Fig, 315.

(1402). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Dumas (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Dumas)

When the minions are prepared and cooked as for plain (No. 1399), lay each one on a round slice of unsmoked but cooked beef tongue; let these be the same diameter as the minion and three-sixteenths of an inch in thickness. Reduce a veloute (No. 415) and soubise sauce (No. 543) to half, and when ready to serve thicken it with egg-yolks, raw cream, and a piece of fresh butter. Cover the minions with this sauce, strew over grated fresh bread-crumbs and grated parmesan cheese, and sprinkle with clarified butter; brown in a very hot oven or under a gas salamander (Fig. 123), and garnish the dish with ham croquettes shaped like small crescents, then serve.

Ham Croquettes

Have a quarter of a pound of cooked ham cut in one-eighth squares. A quarter of a pound of mushrooms cut the same dimensions from which you will have pressed out all the moisture, add a little reduced bechamel (No. 409). and season with pepper and nutmeg (no salt). Put on the tire, and when cooked lay them on a dish to get cold, then divide the preparation into balls each an inch in diameter; roll them longways and shape them into crescents, dip them in beaten eggs, roll them in grated bread-crumbs and fry them in hot fat a fine color.