Bacon And Apples

Take very tart apples and without peeling cut into slices 1-2 inch thick and remove the cores. Fry thin slices until crisp, remove the meat and fry the apples in part, of the bacon fryings, adding sugar to taste.

Fried Bacon Or Salt Pork

This is a delicious way to cook bacon or salt pork. Soak the slices in milk 20 minutes or 1-2 hour. Have the pan moderately hot and fry a slice that has not been in the milk to grease the pan, then roll the other pieces in flour and fry to a delicate brown, using the milk to make a gravy.

Mrs. Monroe.

Kidney Stew

Two beef kidneys, 2 bay leaves, 1 cup stewed tomatoes, I large onion, salt and pepper. Clean and slice the kidneys, boil about 45 minutes with the bay leaves, then add the potatoes and onions and cook about 15 minutes. Thicken gravy with flour and season with salt and pepper. Ethel Langford.

Kidneys And Onions

Two beef kidneys, 5 large onions, salt and pepper. Clean the kidneys, slice and fry brown on each side, then add sliced onions, and cook for about twenty minutes longer. When done, mix a heaping tablespoon of dry flour into the onions and kidney, and when browned add enough water to make a gravy. Season with salt and pepper.

Mrs. George Langford.

Roast Duck

Stuff or not as preferred, baste a few minutes at first with hot water to which has been added an onion and salt. Then baste with butter and a little flour. Allow for roasting about 1-2 hour for domestic, or from 25 to 30 minutes for wild ducks. Serve hot with sauce made with the giblets and currant jelly. Garnish with sliced lemon.

Miss M. A. Duggan.

Stuffing For Turkey

Soak 1 loaf of very dry bread in cold water and squeeze out with the hands. Mix well with 1 small grated onion, 1 qt. of oysters, 3 beaten eggs, 1-2 cup of melted butter, 1 tea-spoon powdered sage, salt and pepper to taste. Mrs. H.

A chicken or a turkey is young if the point of the breast bone between the legs is soft and moves about easily when pressed with the finger, but if the gristle has hardened into bone the fowl certainly is old.

May C. Fitzgerald

Spanish Hash

Brown 2 tablespoons of minced onion in a piece of butter size of an egg, add 2 cups of any kind of cold chopped meat, 2 cups of tomato juice, pulp of 2 Chili peppers, 12 seeded olives, and 1 teaspoon salt. Put in a baking dish a layer of cold boiled rice, cold chopped potato and then a layer of meat. This should make just 2 layers of rice and 2 of meat, finishing with rolled crackers and a little grated cheese on top. Mrs. L. C. Johnson, Grant's Pass, Ore.

Ragout Of Beef A La Mode

Cut cold beef into pieces about 1 inch square and allow to 1 pint of meat, 1 tablespoon of butter, same amount of flour, Worcestershire sauce and mushroom catsup, 1-2 pint of stock or gravy, salt and pepper to taste. Mrs. M.

Baked Mince Roll

This is quite a dainty dish which can be made out of the scraps of cold beef, ham or tongue. Pass the meat through a grinding machine, add bread crumbs, season with parsley, pepper and salt and work in a beaten egg. Make a nice short crust, roll it out, place the meat upon it, and fold the pastry over so as to make a neat roll. Bake 1-2 hour and serve with thick brown sauce. Mrs. William Morton.