Brandy Peaches (No. 1)

Weigh the peaches, and weigh an equal number of pounds of sugar. Pour boiling water over the peaches, a few at a time, then the skins can be easily removed without waste, or injury to the fruit.

Have ready a large stone jar, and put each peach in it as soon as skinned, until you have a layer of peach. Sprinkle thickly with sugar. Fill up the jar with layers of peaches and sugar till all are used. The heat of the peach melts the sugar, and thus a syrup is made. For one basket of peaches allow three quarters of a gallon of white brandy.

Cover the jar, and leave them Several days. Then put into glass jars and seal.

If any of the sugar should remain undissolved in the bottom of the stone jar, when you remove the fruit, stir it well in the jar before pouring over the peaches.

Although this receipt is called Brandy Peaches, one can just as well use the spirits of white whiskey, or, as it is sometimes styled, French spirits. It is only one quarter the price of the genuine article, which is very scarce, and rarely imported. A dishonest dealer will sell the spirits for it, anyway.

Brandy Peaches (No. 2)

Pare the peaches, and drop each one, at once, into cold water.

Make a very rich "Syrup," and boil a few at a time in it, until they are tender enough to run a straw to the pit. Then lay them separately on dishes till they are quite cold.

Make a new syrup, as rich as possible, using only enough water to moisten the sugar. Put the peaches in the jars, until about two thirds full. To every cupful of syrup put a cupful of white brandy, and fill up the jars. Lastly, throw in each jar two or three tablespoonfuls of sugar, and seal them.

These will keep a number of years.

For directions about brandy, see last receipt.