French, String Or Snap Beans

String carefully, breaking off each end. Cut each bean into two or three pieces. Then cook like peas, only at least half an hour longer.

Another way is to boil a piece of salt pork with them, omitting butter and salt. The pork should not be served with the beans, but may be used for a second cooking.

Use what beans are left for salad; or warm over with peas left from a former dinner. Together they make a very good dish.

Shelled, Lima Or Butter Beans

Soak in cold water just enough to cover them for half an hour. Then boil in the same water, without adding more, and keep them covered. Do not salt them until nearly done, as that makes them hard. Some beans require to boil longer than others. The usual time is one hour. When tender, dip them out with a skimmer, and dish with plenty of butter. Boil with them a piece of salt pork, or bacon, if you like, and omit the salt.

Serve what are left for "Succotash." They are also good warmed over with tomatoes.

Dried Beans

Soak one cupful of beans over night in one quart of cold water. Three hours before dinner drain this off, and pour over the beans two quarts of warm water. Boil slowly, stirring occasionally. When half-done, add one tablespoonful of salt. When tender, drain well, and dish with plenty of butter, and a little pepper. Use the water for soup.

Winter Succotash

This can be made of dried lima beans, and canned corn, which may be left from former dinners. Warm them over together with a little milk and butter, and thicken the milk with a little flour.